Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guaranteed Home Loan Approval Program Released by S&S Private Capital, Inc. and its S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems

S.O.S. Guaranteed Home Loan Approval Program

At S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems, we understand our clients invest in our services for the ability to obtain their financial goals. Whether these goals are qualifying for a mortgage loan, business solutions, auto financing, credit cards, lines of credit, lower insurance premiums, employment, eliminating debt, or simply to increase cash flow by acquiring much lower interest rates, obtaining any of these goals demands a specific credit rating and credit profile.

  1. Optimizing Positive Trade-lines
  2. Re-establishing New Trade-lines
  3. Removing Past Damaging Mistakes based on Consumer Reporting Laws including:  bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements, foreclosures, reposessions, collections, late payments and many more
S.O.S. is committed to ensuring every client capitalizes on their investment in our services by providing each and every client with our Guaranteed Loan Approval Program*. Regardless of our clients’ current credit situation, S.O.S. promises to deliver the credit scores necessary for our clients to obtain their financial goals, or they are entitled to a 100% refund of all monies paid*.

S.O.S. realizes its success is a direct reflection of the success of our client’s in achieving all their financial goals. And with our Guaranteed Loan Approval Program, there is absolutely NO RISK making this the very best investment for all our clients and their families.

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*S&S Private Capital, Inc. agrees to refund all monies paid in the event the client has fulfilled all of their contractual obligations, and S.O.S materially fails to deliver any services and score requirements detailed in its executed services agreement.