Thursday, May 31, 2012

Score Optimization Systems Eliminates Credit Reporting Errors Found in Up to One-Quarter of Credit Reports According to U.S. PIRG Research

S&S Private Capital and its S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems credit repair technology assists consumers across the country in obtaining their home loan approvals which were originally denied due to serious inaccuracies contained in their credit reports.

Dallas, TX  May 31, 2012

With credit reporting errors more evident today along with much higher credit score requirements for home loans, consumers are turning to S&S Private Capital’s credit repair technology, S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems, for assistance in identifying and removing these damaging mistakes. Read more...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

U.S. Marine Sergeant Deploys Score Optimization Systems For Credit Repair Services to Obtain A VA Home Loan Approval

Acceptance Capital Mortgage and its client, U.S. Marine Sgt. Joel Garingo, strike against the credit reporting agencies utilizing S&S Private Capital’s S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems credit repair technology to eliminate derogatory trade-lines allowing him to purchase his very first home.

Dallas, TX  May 10, 2012

Denied for a VA Home Loan after failing to meet the VA home loan credit requirements, Sgt. Joel Garingo of the U.S. Marines was referred to S&S Private Capital for its credit Score Optimization System by Michael Russell, a mortgage professional with Acceptance Capital Mortgage. Specializing in credit report repair and credit score optimization, S.O.S. and its credit repair technology were able to remove several derogatory trade-lines allowing the sergeant to meet all the VA loan requirements necessary for the purchase of his first home. Read More...

Monday, February 6, 2012

New York Resident Retains Score Optimization Systems’ Credit Repair Services to Jump Credit Scores Over 100 Points for Home Loan Approval

S&S Private Capital and its S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems credit repair technology produces NY client with 740 plus credit scores allowing him to refinance his mortgage loan he was previously turned down for.

New York, New York November 22, 2011

Jeff Hunt, a New York resident, was referred to S&S Private Capital’s credit Score Optimization Systems division by A Place Called Home Real Estate loan specialist, Kim Brunier when she was unable to get his loan approved based on the much stricter lending guidelines the banks have implemented. With the aid S.O.S. and its credit repair technology, A Place Called Home Real Estate was able to qualify Mr. Hunt for his home loan refinance saving him thousands of dollars in interest charges in the first year alone. Read More...

Mortgage Broker is Astounded by His 150 Point Credit Score Increase Delivered by Credit Repair Technology

A Texas mortgage professional improves his credit score by more than 150 points in 4 months utilizing S&S Private Capital, Inc.’s credit repair technology, S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems.
Dallas, Texas August 25, 2011

Anthony Aidonmiyi, a Texas mortgage broker and owner of Dynamic Mortgage in Houston, was able to increase his personal credit score 153 points in only four months with the assistance of the credit repair services and technology of S&S Private Capital's S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems.

Friday, February 3, 2012

S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems Announces How To Detect Credit Repairs Scams

Cleaning up your credit report can cost you big if you are not careful. Gene Schwalen, CEO of S&S Private Capital and S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems, wants consumers to be aware of a few red flags in order to avoid these scams.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 21, 2011

Banks have tremendously tightened lending guidelines and increased credit score requirements, making it more and more difficult to qualify for a home loan and other financial solutions. With consumers looking for assistance in meeting the stricter loan requirements, many companies have jumped into the credit repair arena, taking advantage of those with poor credit scores. S&S Private Capital along with its Score Optimization Systems puts consumers in the “know” by giving them a few questions to ask and red flags to look for to avoid falling into credit repair traps. Read More...