Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Score Optimization Systems Helps Qualify More FHA Home Loans Even with Stricter Lending Guidelines in the Current Depressed Market

Mortgage Professionals find success utilizing S.O.S. technology for Credit Score Optimization

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 07, 2011 -- Melanie Hadley with Cornerstone Mortgage has been able to close several what were once impossible FHA mortgage loans by utilizing S&S Private Capital, Inc.’s credit score optimization and credit report technology, S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems, which is revolutionizing the credit repair and rapid rescore industries allowing mortgage professionals across the country to close more loans that Were once unobtainable.

With much stricter lending guidelines, mortgage meltdowns and the deteriorating real estate market, many mortgage providers like Chris Reshetar are searching for solutions for their credit challenged clients who have been drastically affected by today’s economy. "When I heard about S.O.S. – Score Optimization Systems, I did not realize the opportunity to help individuals would be of this magnitude!" said Chris Reshetar, a mortgage professional in North Carolina. "When I was finally able to close on what was originally an impossible mortgage loan and my client was hugging and thanking me, it was an extraordinary feeling. It was amazing to be able to assist someone in getting their life and credit back together while providing them with the mortgage solutions they required. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of that."

Gene Schwalen, CEO of S&S Private Capital, Inc., created his S.O.S. - Score Optimization Systems to help individuals accurately reflect their credit risk while creating a solution to truly optimize their credit rating and purchasing power. "A negative item may stay on your credit report for seven to ten years, and sometimes even longer if the debt is sold over and over again and falsely reported. These negative items can be extremely damaging to an individual’s credit score and subsequently cost them thousands of dollars in interest overcharges each and every year, or even worse, deny them the financial solutions they desire. Utilizing S.O.S. – Score Optimization System, we execute the rights of our clients according to Consumer Laws including the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to challenge these negative items and ensure any and all information that is inaccurate, erroneous, obsolete or unverifiable is removed from their personal credit report while tremendously and successfully optimizing their credit rating.”

Melanie Hadley was shocked by the quick turn-around, "I was a little apprehensive in turning to credit repair for my clients after all of the horror stories that swarm the entire industry, but the staff at S&S Private Capital along with their S.O.S. technology gave me the confidence to refer clients for, not credit repair, but score optimization. Then, when I was able to close a loan for one of my clients in less than three months which I thought was an impossible situation of a credit score in the mid 400’s, I became a firm believer in the success of the S.O.S. – Score Optimization System and all of their promises.”

Due to the much higher credit score requirements and stricter mortgage lending guidelines, mortgage
professionals are becoming more than just home loan experts, they are now solution providers for their clients.  Thanks to the S.O.S. technology, Melanie Hadley has been able to successfully provide more mortgage approvals for more clients with credit issues. The system was able to take one client’s credit mid-score, once a 454, and optimize it to meet the FHA guidelines in less than three months. This allowed Melanie Hadley to close yet another FHA loan, and more importantly, provide her client with the ability to obtain all of his mortgage and financial goals.

S&S Private Capital, Inc. and its S.O.S. – In business since 1998, the developers of Score Optimization Systems have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses across the country and continues to assist thousands of new clients each and every year realize the gift of a great credit rating and the value it brings.


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